Seven degrees below zero

On our way home from town yesterday, I told him that I probably should take some pictures so we don’t ever forget the winter of 2007-2008…especially the plowed and drifted snow bank on the west side of the road…Had good intentions, but I just can’t make myself go out there at 7 below.  These are taken from my window beside the computer…they aren’t real clear due to the screen on the window.

This is just the view up to the road


Isn’t the sky pretty….

Here’s a view using the zoom feature on the camera



I hope to get out there and take a picture using something in the foreground for pespective. 

The critters and I are spending the day at home…it looks like a beautiful day but I’m going to just enjoy from the inside looking out.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Seven degrees below zero

  1. Goodness gracious!!!  It is too cold for sure to be out taking pictures.  Hope you and your critter enjoyed your day inside where it was toasty warm.


  2. Oh!  That second one with the mailbox certainly gives it some perspective.


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