RBG dissent collar necklace

Over the last couple years, I have worn my RBG dissent collar necklace with pride and honor. Occasionally someone would recognize the design and ask about it….but I wore it for me. Quietly honoring RBG and what she represented. I also wore it for the same reason she wore her dissent collar to channel my disapproval and disappointment of the “leadership” in the United States.

Today I’m struggling emotionally to celebrate her life the way she deserves to be remembered all the while mourning my (our) loss.

For this post, I copied the wise words of another strong woman who I love and respect.

Let’s remember to dream today. Even in the midst of blessing Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her freedom form, honoring her longevity, strength, tenacity and intelligence, we lift ourselves up and dream. What a life of service she has lived…
Commitment, endurance, and on and on and on. #StrongWomyn #ruthbaderginsburg …thank you, Rev Erin for the healing words.

Thank you for your service and commitment to us, Justice Ginsberg.

2 thoughts on “RBG dissent collar necklace

  1. I LOVE that! Last night after I heard the news I spent a lot of time reading posts on Suburban Housewives Against Trump. You don’t have to be a housewife to join this group but it is a group for women who are against trump. I find the camaraderie helpful during these difficult times. I go there when I need it but have it hidden otherwise or else it gets overwhelming. But when I need that hit of knowing there are other women out there who feel like I do it helps. It really helped last night to see all of the other women feeling sad and angry over losing RBG.

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