RBG dissent collar necklace

Over the last couple years, I have worn my RBG dissent collar necklace with pride and honor. Occasionally someone would recognize the design and ask about it….but I wore it for me. Quietly honoring RBG and what she represented. I also wore it for the same reason she wore her dissent collar to channel my disapproval and disappointment of the “leadership” in the United States.

Today I’m struggling emotionally to celebrate her life the way she deserves to be remembered all the while mourning my (our) loss.

For this post, I copied the wise words of another strong woman who I love and respect.

Let’s remember to dream today. Even in the midst of blessing Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her freedom form, honoring her longevity, strength, tenacity and intelligence, we lift ourselves up and dream. What a life of service she has lived…
Commitment, endurance, and on and on and on. #StrongWomyn #ruthbaderginsburg …thank you, Rev Erin for the healing words.

Thank you for your service and commitment to us, Justice Ginsberg.

All things Shingles vaccine

One day last fall He got out of bed complaining of some pain in his lower back but it didn’t feel like muscle pain. It didn’t get better as the day wore on and continued the next day. I did a quick internet search and told him that I had no idea what it was but according to the internet there was no guarantee he would wake up the third day. So he went to urgent care and was immediately diagnosed with shingles even though the eruptions were not visible yet. Anti viral medication and pain pills got him through the experience.

At the first available moment, I went to the doctor and received a shingles vaccine. Interestingly enough,we had both had the Zoster shingles vaccine (which apparently did not work) so I went with the big daddy…the Shingrix. I don’t feel like I’m a mega whiner when it comes to shots…I have my yearly flu shot, I had some booster shots for something before we went to South America, I keep updated on my Tetanus vaccine. I’m diligent that the cats are given their annual vaccinations whether I believe in them or not. With that being said, I did not expect any reaction to Shingrix shot number 1. Reality. The site of the shot was red and swollen, I felt like I had been hit by a truck, I had a 100 degree temperature, I took Tylenol. The next morning, other than the very painful upper arm pain, I was fine.

So you have to have that second Shingrix vaccine within 6 months of the first one….which for me was Tuesday. This time, the pharmacist recommended Tylenol and Benadryl as soon as I got home. Which I did. It helped. I sent a note to a couple girls friends when I woke up the next morning and reported all ok…all is well…I feel pretty good…..

Until I crawled out of bed. Light fever, some nausea just all over felt like crap! Shot location red and swollen and it felt like a dull, rusty nail had been inserted in my arm. My shoulder ached, my ear ached, my head ached.

Two days later. Arm still hurts but not debilitating. As I reflect, i would do it again if I had to because a couple days of discomfort is nothing compared to watching Him with the actual disease. If you are reading this and you are 60 years old or especially if you are north of 60, get your Shingrix vaccine. Ref Medicare…check with your part D insurer to see if the company pays for the vaccine. Medicare does not cover it but your prescription drug coverage might….or when January rolls around, change insurers for your Part D coverage…

Onward and upward!