The West Wing and the Presidents….Jed Bartlet

He and I are binge watching The West Wing (1999-2006)…we chose a perfect time to immerse ourselves into the lives of the West Wing during the Josiah Bartlett administration. Filled with a sense of loss of the fictional energy, intelligence and kindness represented while also feeling hope that someday we will recover from the last 4 years of this current putrid president.

Some of my very favorite scenes from the West Wing are Jeb and his cronies making their way down the covered pavilion, the West colonnade of the White House. Here’s a little history of how that picturesque walkway came to be in real life.

“The open columned walkway along the West Wing gallery and across the east side of the body of the West Wing provides a picturesque backdrop for events held in the Rose Garden, but it also requires the president and his staff to walk out in the weather to get back and forth between the West Wing and the Residence. Jackie Kennedy inquired about enclosing it as the East Wing colonnade is so that John Kennedy wouldn’t have to walk outside in his robe after a swim in the White House pool (now the Press Briefing Room). But doors were cut through the gymnasium and flower shop (now the Press Corps Offices) instead”.

Some images I pulled off the internet…some with energy and kindness……….

One thought on “The West Wing and the Presidents….Jed Bartlet

  1. I don’t believe I have ever seen even 30 secor pads of the west wing.
    Love the pictures. 🙂


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