Facebook etiquette

I have a girlfriend that often speaks her mind on her own Facebook page. She doesn’t troll around spewing her discontent and opinions on the pages of others (as far as I know). But I’m pretty confident that she doesn’t because on her own personal posts on her very own page, she most often leaves a disclaimer. Do not argue on my page…argue on your own page…if you leave your negative comments on my page, I will delete them. Bravo, J!

I’m noticing more folks are getting in “my face” on my Facebook page…words and comments that not only are opposite but, quite frankly, impolite…..AND the bottom line for me is when the comments of friends and family are bullied!


I use the Facebook filter to keep my posts from being available to the known offenders or from those Who have proven they have a different political belief than I do and apparently don’t think I’m aware of it?? Occasionally the bullying slips through. Those comments are deleted as soon as I catch them.

This is as close as I will come assuring that if you don’t agree with me, that is great but DO NOT clutter my Facebook page with your opinions because blocking you is the next option. And by golly, I’m not afraid to use it.

Love to you my friends!

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