Do you ever wonder?

I spend a lot of time either agreeing or disagreeing with other humans. There are times when I’m neutral. But often I say in my head…what are they thinking? What are their demons? What happened to them? More like what the HELL happened to them? Thankfully I’m also able to say, how did I get so lucky with friendships? In spite of the the events in my life that I considered negative at the time, how did I get so lucky? I am grateful for the ability to now recognize Peace of Mind?

Laying in bed trying to get a nap in before work, I was focusing on my chakras because I have been feeling out of alignment…or to be honest…I’m tired, have been experiencing some fear and entertaining bitchy thoughts. While laying there I had the image of an older woman with large, lipstick decorated lips. My thoughts went to what would that be like to have well endowed lips. Would I talk differently, would I enunciate words differently? Would I look in the mirror and notice my beautiful lips first…or would I be focused on thin hair or tired eyes? What would it be like to look different? What would it be like to even have a different heritage…say black or asian? Would I be the same person inside..looking in the mirror but seeing a different face?

Of course I would be a different person inside having different life experiences. But, what if we could trade out bodies for a day? Would I understand the difference? Would I be less judgmental? Would I “get it”? Would I be the same after walking in someone else’s pumps?

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4 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?

  1. I wanna trade with someone with smaller boobs. Like almost none at all, the relief of back, shoulder and side pain! But seriously yes. I have thought about what you’re talking about. I can remember being no more than 2 or 3 and trying to hide behind my dad so I didn’t have to talk to whoever was leaning in and talking about my red hair. It happened all the time. Is that why I still like my space, am pretty introverted and HATE being the center of attention? Small example but yes but how can life experiences not change us? I hope I would still be empathetic and nice, that it’s just who I am. But I think I might be a lot different if I looked a lot different. And I don’t think that’s a good or a bad thing. Life would’ve just been different so I would’ve been too.

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  2. I have often thought that being black looks like a serious pain in the ass. Imagine never knowing if you didn’t get the job because you truly were not the most qualified for the position, maybe the racist boss didn’t think you would blend in, or your name was Shaniqua. The paranoia would drive me nuts. Trading bodies might be disturbing for some folks and fascinating for others.

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