Traveling at night

I went to visit a girlfriend and her husband last night. They lived on a Canal with lots of activity and the husband teared up because he didn’t have a boat for the canal and his wife was upset because she couldn’t visit her brother and sister. I took the wife with me and as we walked through an outdoor area in another country, we met up with a bestie from high school who was there with her family? Entourage? She took us back to her home on a canal. Beautiful place with all of the accoutrements of wealthy living. At first I was overwhelmed and envious but as I spent time at the mansion on the canal, I realized I wouldn’t be able to stand the noise and activity and wanted to move on.

But I needed to make contact with my dad (deceased for 19 years). I had dyed my hair dark…he didn’t seem happy to see me…he was verbally short and very distant with me and I decided he was just wasn’t because of me.

I woke up.

Are we untethered when we sleep. Do we actually go places in our dreams…there is no time elements in our dreams. Are life concerns brought to us as we dream in order to work out fears or difficulties we live in our wake states. Should we interpret dreams by the emotions they bring out in us. I say YES to all of them! I don’t believe we can go to a book that gives us a word or event that will interpret the dream for everyone in every situation. But, I strongly believe we would be remiss if we believed that dreams are just an insignificant download of insanity when we sleep.

And what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Traveling at night

  1. I believe our spirits can speak to us in our dreams. Also, all dreams are, by definition, dissociative. That is, they only occur when the rest of our mind is off-line. Our sub-conscious stuff has no restraining conscious mind to limit its expression. The hodge-podge that bubbles up in our dreams can be disturbing and/or entertaining. We are fascinating.

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  2. I am with you all the way. I’ve had some weird dreams where you wake up thinking ‘WHERE did THAT come from?” And sometimes they make no sense at all. But I still think they’re there for a reason. Because I’ve had too many that made so much sense. That taught / showed me things. And the visits to people. Some gone, but some very much alive…I mean I’ve had some strange ones when it comes to that but they were too real to not be real. Yeah, I’m a believer.

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