I put one foot in front of the other

Made my way into my mind’s rational room where all the figurines are placed in their appropriate place….all in a week where the skies are gloomy and the temps below average.  Every morning, I tried to think of the day’s gloomy weather like wearing an oversized t shirt with my old Walmart sweatpants.  Comfortable, safe and familiar as opposed to having to push myself out the door into warmth and sunshine wearing jeans, boots and a noticeable red shirt!

I’m approaching 9 months of being medication free.  I’ve learned that I no longer have the option of pharm to put me in a stupor in order to not feel anything….I must recognize the signs that anxiety is creeping in day to day or actually just event to event.  Perhaps I’m a slow learner or more likely I just don’t have the discipline yet to work the skills I’ve learned to ease the symptoms when they first appear?

This night time irrational anxiety is a bitch!  but this week, I grabbed it with all of my strength and won again.  Practice makes perfect, right?

Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “I put one foot in front of the other

  1. Kudos! Well done! The night time crazys are the worst! Practice makes perfect!


  2. It’s amazing how much you chosen to take on to get yourself into the space you want to be in.
    You are a tough tough woman!

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  3. Some people get addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, and some use denial. The courageous (and rare) thing is to deal honestly with one’s feelings stone cold sober. You’re doing it.

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  4. ❤ i didn't realize i had anxiety (which was obvious to everyone else when i entered kindergarten & couldn't stop vomiting) until i was in my late 30s…but slowly i have learned to recognize it and talk myself down…sometimes i am successful…good luck! you are not alone!

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