Burning the words of emotion

A few months ago, I participated in an applied kinesiology session with a massage therapist.  It was a technique to dig deep in your soul writing down specific words in color degrees as you talk about a troublesome issue…followed by an alternative muscle massage therapy to determine where you are physically hiding these emotions.  The dam broke for me approximately 5 minutes in because my emotions about my childhood are always right under my skin.  I did a follow up session one month later and was given the large poster board size sheet of paper marked in Magic marker of my words and was told to hold on to it and then one day burn this page.  I was ready last night.

I spent most of the evening on the deck with my headphones watching a movie on my iPad….alternating sips of coffee and water.  I found myself distracted several times by my flowers and the serenity of the pond.  I put a quilt over my legs and felt the cool evening breeze in my hair…I felt I was totally at peace with myself.  I shut down any intruding thoughts and focused on my blessings.

Then I grabbed the “words” off the ironing board where they had been laying for months, grabbed the fire stick and in the dark over an old tree stump, I burned the words in preparation for Mothers Day.  I didn’t do it for her….I did it for me!

Until next time….. 

3 thoughts on “Burning the words of emotion

  1. ❤ Someday we are going to meet you at a campground somewhere and we are going to talk for days. ❤

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  2. It is fascinating where we carry our repressed feelings. I’m a big believer that everything goes somewhere. May the negativity be fully dissipated into outer space.

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