If you find yourself on a deserted island….

Years ago when I sold insurance (a short lived career) I saw a cartoon in a newspaper that showed a couple people on your typical deserted island and the caption read, something to the effect, all you have to do is yell I need life insurance and you will no longer be alone.  This vividly popped into my head when he hit the 3 month mark of being eligible for Medicare.  Junk mail from insurance companies increased by the hands full and insurance agents starting knocking on our door.  Seriously!  We called those cold calls!  These were one step up…cold knocks!  I had done my research on what we (he) needed and had my local Insurance agent picked out….but he was not one that knocked on our door and he is not the one that got our business.

Then this morning, the religious folks were out.  I hid.  He got to talk to him.  He did learn that many religious organizations have different doctrine and we don’t all worship the same God….Mr religion coldcaller worships the God in the Bible.  He wasn’t sure who this guy represented 😉 but he moved on quickly.  I kind of doubt from a glimpse it was the Saturday morning jehova witness because he was older, bearded and not wearing a dark suit.  I guess who really cares.

And that’s our day so far…….

Until next time……

2 thoughts on “If you find yourself on a deserted island….

  1. What’s amazing about those door-knocking evangelists is how little they know their own religion. Even as a teenage atheist, I could answer their questions and they could not question mine. I assume the smarter members of their congregations are too smart to go door-to-door!

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  2. The comic sounds funny. It is amazing how many people know so much about you that they show up the minute you are eligible.

    I had a religious duo show up a month or two ago. I was not in the market for what they were selling.

    I hope you are enjoying the rest of your day!

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