No brakes

If you read my last blog about that “feeling” that something just isn’t right…well here you go!  ALWAYS listen to those uneasy or gut  feelings.

We have a shorter bed Ford F-250 pickup with a Reese extender 5th wheel hitch.  This is necessary when we need to back the trailer into a campsite or driveway because without it, the clearance between the front of the 5th wheel and the back window on the truck collide.  (We have replaced the back window 3 times$$$).  We thought the hitch apparatus wasn’t working right because we could not get it to lock into maneuver position…..then we realized that the problem was the brakes on the trailer were not working which allowed the 5th wheel to slam forward.  SO…..

We took the rig up to Camping World in Grain Valley this morning and found out the new electrical bundle connector they installed last November was not installed correctly.  the technician had failed to hook up the trailer brake wire.  The seven connector plug only had 6 connections.  I assume just using the truck brakes for stopping could have been a deadly situation had someone stopped short in front of us and they had been run over by the momentum of a 30 foot 5th wheel with no brakes.  This is a very scary scenario…..and a lesson to those idiot drivers who don’t stop at stop signs and pull out in front of a truck hauling a camper.  Big/small theory is always in motion!

Two lessons learned here.

Until next time…..

One thought on “No brakes

  1. People do not understand the concept of momentum. When pulling in front of a big rig, ALWAYS make sure you see BOTH their headlights in your rear view mirror first. They may be travelling empty or there might be 40 tons of cargo in the trailer and they may not be able to slow down fast enough. Even pick-ups can be hauling weight and unable to stop in time, as you personally understand. If you hit someone because they pulled out in front of you and you could not slow down fast enough, I am pretty sure they would bear the majority of fault in the accident, if that makes you feel any better whatsoever.

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