What if the universe is talking to me…

And I’m not listening.  We’ve all heard the stories about people missing planes for whatever reason and the plane crashes or some other catastrophe that was averted because something else happened.  That fear has been hanging around my neck since Saturday.

The plan was:  my friend, Suzy, came down from Des Moines for a birthday weekend…then…he and I were going to leave Sunday for a week of camping at Bennett Spring Park near Lebanon, MO.   We weren’t able to do a lot of things I had planned in my mind because of rain.  Lots of wet, heavy rain.  We had a good  time In spite of the weather but we kept hearing about rain and flooding in Southern Missouri.  I just knew in the back of my mind that this was going to suck!  Sure enough the campground was  flooded as well as a lot of people trying to get their lives back to normal with significant damage to their homes and cars.

Back to my woes.

We decided Monday morning that since we weren’t going to Bennett and eat trout that we would load up and head over into Kansas.  Just an hours drive to a large lake with several campgrounds…but in the back of my mind I had an uneasy feeling that maybe everything was pointing to this being a bad idea.  Various little complications like a cat vomiting 3 times in a row.  We went.

With no particular information, we found a campground with full hook up.  NO trees.  No place to buy wood.  No one outside enjoying the evening.  More like an RV park on the prairie where everyone set up camp and went somewhere else….or were all murdered in their campers and  no one checked.  Always a novel in my head.  When I heard the forecast for 100 percent chance of rain again, I went into angst and pissy mode and told him I wanted to just go home.  This morning he agreed and now we are home.  I feel relief, I feel calm and I feel content.  Still don’t know what I was mental flapping about in my head….perhaps nothing…perhaps I finally listened and averted tragedy.  I do have new fodder for the novel I probably will never write.

Until next time.

One thought on “What if the universe is talking to me…

  1. You call it “fodder for the novel”. Ram Dass calls it “grist for the mill”, meaning that everything has the potential for learning, growth, and/or creativity. We never know what weird tragedies we accidentally avoid.

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