Some days I just require a distraction

I have a part time job…I started it on Tuesday.  It is very part time…max of 15 hours a week.  I’m working at a salon/spa…doing reception, cleaning, laundry and tanning beds.  Compared to working 911 for 30 years, it is like mentally taking a nap.  Physically?  I spent two days off trying to recover from hip pain because the muscles used to clean tanning beds are not necessarily muscles I use on a daily basis.  It’s going to be fine although I hope today, I will be able to master the computer software and procedures.  It’s not really complicated but Tuesday I had a lot of cleaning lessons and not enough computer instruction,,,,this left me frustrated.  I trust today will be different!  I’m second guessing everything and doing what I always do…expecting perfection from myself.  I’m also doing a dear diary blog in order to work this out in my mind and calm the anxiety I seem to be wearing.

This is the time I should be meditating…don’t want to.  Working in my craft room seems like a good idea to distract me…don’t want to.  Reading might be a good idea for distraction but I can’t concentrate….so I turned on the TV and now thinking why am I wasting my time watching TV.  This is anxiety.  I’m all up into living in the moment when things are already calm and even….but I need to start working on living in the moment when there is something hanging over my head.  Learning never stops!

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Some days I just require a distraction

  1. Observe it all, the mind, the hip, everything. You are stretching physical and mental muscles that haven’t been used in a while. Observation can be highly entertaining. Imperfection sucks. I know. Congrats.


  2. That’s a skill I’m still working on to!
    Actually sounds like a pretty fun job. You get to get out and talk to ppl. There’s a learning curve to everything. Try not expect perfection, you’ll get it in no time. Sorry bout the sore hips, but it’s probably good for ya, like stretching. Have fun with it. They’re gonna love you!

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  3. congratulations on the new job! I am sure it will be a great one once the training part is done. must be exciting! πŸ™‚


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