I’ve been a suffering….

For the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to get my shirts off over my head.  I can barely get my arm up there without shoulder pain and then I don’t have the strength to pull it off….so he helps.  I remember the days when he would have walked over to  my side of the bed to help me remove my shirt…but I digress.  I’ve been adjusted by Dr Piva, I’ve had two acupuncture treatments which helped a little with range of motion but today I did the deep tissue massage with Michael at Dr Piva’s office.  There is really nothing relaxing about deep tissue massage other than the fact you are laying on a table and don’t have to support yourself thru the occasional discomfort while balancing on your own two feet.

Especially if your own two feet look like this:

IMG_4296 IMG_4297

I would really laugh if I hadn’t put his shoes on the wrong feet before.

Anyway…Michael found some significant lumps and bumps in my left shoulder and down my arm.  He also worked on the band down the left side of my leg and my left quadricep which was causing me some knee issues.  I just thought it was my knee.  I have total confidence that in a couple of days, I’m going to be much better.

It’s sprinkling…he’s out mowing in it because he was so ashamed yesterday because most of the neighbors mowed yesterday..hahaha..Welcome to neighborhood life….but we will no longer be the neighbor who needs to mow because their grass is obviously a little taller than the adjoining lawn.

Jax and I are just waiting for the sun so we can take a walk..his shoes are on the right feet now.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “I’ve been a suffering….

  1. if you put your shoes on the wrong feet, whose did you put them on?

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  2. I used ice a couple weeks ago. I’m wondering if this started with me doing planks and not stretching…my left shoulder was pretty tight. He said the reason I didn’t have strength to pull my shirt off was because my muscles were already tensed so there was nothing left to pull with. I’m guessing I will have one more massage unless this one did it. I did a lot of deep breathing. It’s not like those lovely zen massages I enjoy so much 😁. I agree, ice is always Good. Going to get some now.


  3. One day I woke up and could not move my arm from away from my body without excruciating pain. The miracle for me was ice. An ice pack on my shoulder for 20 minutes every couple of hours over the course of a few days. It was miraculous. I don’t know what I had and I don’t know what you have but you might want to try it out. I hope it feels better soon.

    I told Craig about your grass blog. He thought it was funny. The whole lawn thing is such a pain.


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