I miss Xanga…..still

I was reading blogs on my WordPress “reader” tonight…feeling a sense of loss.  I’m looking for Xanga type blogs with people I can connect with…I don’t want to read blogs from teenagers or 20’s or 30’s – I’m not interested right now in reading short stories or books, I don’t want the negativity of politics or religion…I just want to find some blogs I can connect with…I wish WordPress had a blog-ring so it would be easier to find people with like interests.  Wordpress is just not as community friendly as Xanga….and I can keep whining about it or just spend extra effort finding some interesting 50+ bloggers to enjoy.  By the way, I’m tagging Xanga so if anyone searches – maybe they will find me.  I was Ninasusan there and Ninasusan here – same Tree….and same exit since 2007.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “I miss Xanga…..still

  1. I know this is an old post for you…but I’ve been looking for a good replacement for Xanga since so many blog spots are set up to be mobile friendly with the fictional 640×480 thing viewing area…

    Xanga was so bad ass…then the whole 2.0 fiasco…god I miss Xanga…


  2. I also miss Xanga. I learned about social skills there.


  3. I miss Xanga too, but I’m not a 50+ blogger. 🙂


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