I’ve been a suffering….

For the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to get my shirts off over my head.  I can barely get my arm up there without shoulder pain and then I don’t have the strength to pull it off….so he helps.  I remember the days when he would have walked over to  my side of the bed to help me remove my shirt…but I digress.  I’ve been adjusted by Dr Piva, I’ve had two acupuncture treatments which helped a little with range of motion but today I did the deep tissue massage with Michael at Dr Piva’s office.  There is really nothing relaxing about deep tissue massage other than the fact you are laying on a table and don’t have to support yourself thru the occasional discomfort while balancing on your own two feet.

Especially if your own two feet look like this:

IMG_4296 IMG_4297

I would really laugh if I hadn’t put his shoes on the wrong feet before.

Anyway…Michael found some significant lumps and bumps in my left shoulder and down my arm.  He also worked on the band down the left side of my leg and my left quadricep which was causing me some knee issues.  I just thought it was my knee.  I have total confidence that in a couple of days, I’m going to be much better.

It’s sprinkling…he’s out mowing in it because he was so ashamed yesterday because most of the neighbors mowed yesterday..hahaha..Welcome to neighborhood life….but we will no longer be the neighbor who needs to mow because their grass is obviously a little taller than the adjoining lawn.

Jax and I are just waiting for the sun so we can take a walk..his shoes are on the right feet now.

Until next time….

Neighborhood mowing day etiquette, garbage day etiquette, social media etiquette….

I’ll begin by saying..ya…I know…I need to find something to do today if I have time to think about these things…

I haven’t lived in a neighborhood setting since I was a kid – around 18.  Living in the country on 2 1/2 acres you just mow your grass when you want to mow it.  For those of us with weeds, creeping charlie and no lawn service, you mow your grass when you don’t like the dew on your bare ankles or when you know that when you wake up in the morning, it is just too long to mow and you need to get Farmer Green to come over with the John Deere.

Even growing up in a neighborhood, our yard was landscaped on Carter’s adjoining yard and it was a steep hill down to where Shaffer’s yard started so the line of who has mowed and *ahem who hasn’t mowed was not that noticeable.  But NOW…now I live in a neighborhood where all the front yards on the street are level.  So when Dave or Robbien mow, and we don’t, it looks horrible…same on the other side.  Right now the Brown lawn and the Adamczyk lawn is about the same height but Loren’s on the south side is a bit longer…and this quite frankly bugs me.  I’m not bitching because Loren’s lawn looks a lot better than our lawn but I’m just saying’.  We need to all mow on the same day!

Which leads me to garbage day – today.  This is different too.  The one man truck comes by with his little iron helper attached to the side.  He picks up the can – engineers the iron helper up to dump it then sets it back down.  It’s kind of an event from where I came from.  When I take my walk on garbage day, is it okay to pull each neighbor’s garbage can up by their garage door?  It just seems like a right neighborly thing to do and no one will really know who is doing it so it would appear they have a garbage fairy.

….and my last thought of the day.  I’m friends with a lot of tech savvy friends.  Ya…they accept my friendship.  A lot of my friends crosspost – whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, google+ or Tumblr.  So when things are cross posted – is it expected that you hit the heart or like button on every media?  Or are my friends just thinking – ya, ya…I know you love the picture – find something to do…or are their feelings hurt because I haven’t liked their picture because they haven’t been to one of their other pages to see that I liked it there.  Kate …. you were right…it’s kind of exhausting.

Until next time…..