Just a short little tutorial about overlay….

I lived for 30 years on a gravel road…uh huh..for you big city folk…yes, we had running water and indoor plumbing.  Actually Iowa has a lot of gravel roads and there are very few things positive about that fact other than during ice storms – they are the last to get slick; but, when they do…it’s ugly.  So when we moved to “the city” in Missouri and I had asphalt streets, I couldn’t have been more delighted.  Our neighborhood street was a little bit rough and everyone who has lived there for awhile probably thought they were long overdue for maintenance…I thought it was perfect.


Wait no more.  They started grinding yesterday and will resurface in the next 20 days.  I wasn’t the only girl in the neighborhood watching the process yesterday but I’m the only one I knew that was so curious that I took pictures.  The big guy slouched down in the dump truck actually gave me the steering wheel wave when he saw me taking pictures.


Grinding next to the curb



Apparently it takes a village


this is what the ground down asphalt looks like until they get the overlay put down.


…and there you have it.

Until next time….

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