No TSA issues…I love Kansas City International.  No plane issues.  Close on our connecting flight at Bush International in Houston.  

I took this picture of Dave and Gena on the train that connects the terminals…not paying attention…shock..I nearly flew across the train because I wasn’t holding on when the train started moving.  He grabbed my purse strap just in the nick of time and saved me a lot of embarrassment.

as soon as the plane landed in Belize City, they opened both the front and back doors and we felt instant heat and humidity…we deplaned on the Tarmac and I felt an urge to start complaining about the heat…okay…I did.  We boarded at 11 degrees and landed at 90.  crazy!

The actual city of Belize City is not worth writing home about.  It’s not good.  We have a room in the St George Radisson away from downtown…very nice…it’s where the queen used to stay when she visited her kingdoms when it was British Honduras.

The moon was coming up while we ate dinner…this picture does nothing to show how really beautiful it was.

I snapped these pictures from the balcony on our way back to our room.  it is very nice…except the birds In The trees (he says grackles?). They actually sound like a woman screaming and they are right outside our door so I question the grackle name.

Heading north to Corozal in the morning.

…..and just a picture for the family…we brought the 12 year old…

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “Belize

  1. You went into the city that’s why. Parts of the city is indeed like that. You need to come further down south where all you see is lush green hills and you can smell clean air. The road is clean and everyone takes good care of their lawn and yard. It’s a pity you only went to the city. The experience of Belize is different for everyone. It’s what you make of it.


  2. Are you back?…Did you go out to the islands or see the coral reef? Did you go to the big blue hole. Did you go to the Mayan ruins…or are they Aztec? Oh jeez..I am so jealous…I need information


    • Belize was dirty and poor – we didn’t get out to the reef – my understanding is that is where it is beautiful and commercialized. We visited one Mayan Ruin. Don’t be jealous…trust me!


  3. I hope it’s a wonderful trip!


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