A long weekend of movies!!

Sorry..kissedbyadog.wordpress.com…I know I shouldn’t complain about the snow!  We didn’t work the auction Friday night and have been alone-in the house-together since Friday.  My FitBit activity couldn’t be lower unless I were dead!  I have kept up on my planks but there doesn’t seem to be a category for that!

Watched 3 movies…Friday night was Ida – which won an academy award for Foreign language film.  I used to shy away from subtitled films.  I’m glad I’ve gotten over that because this Polish film was very memorable.  The film synopsis:  A young woman preparing to become a nun is sent from her convent home into the secular world to spend several days with her only relative.  The trip will bring Anna into contact with experiences outside her sheltered world, and will lead her to knowledge that may shake her sense of her own identity. (Think German-Jewish after World War II).

Saturday night was Twin Sisters (2002).  Another sub-titled film (think Holland-Germany-Jews).  Synopsis:  1920’s Germany.  Two sisters aged six years, no sooner see their remaining parent buried when they are torn apart.  Lotte goes to live with her upper middle class Dutch aunt in Holland, Anna to work as a farm hand on her German uncle’s rural farm.  I will remember this one forever!

Sunday afternoon was The Theory of Everything. (2014)  Eddie Redmayne won the 2015 oscar for best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.  He was amazing in the role of physicist Stephen Hawking.  The theme of the movie for me was there is nothing you can’t do if you really want to do it.  No subtitles other than the closed captioning 🙂

Weather is on the way to improving – mid to upper 50’s by the weekend.  We will be up, up and away to Belize and 60’s should greet us as we step off the plane in KC early next week.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “A long weekend of movies!!

  1. Complain away! Even I am sick of snow by now 🙂 Tell me how you like FitBit? User Friendly? Enjoy Belize!


  2. At this point even I am sick of snow. 🙂 How do you like FitBit? I have been thinking about getting one. Enjoy Belize!!!! 🙂


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