I think the comfort of your bed has less to do with thread count of your sheets…..

and more to do with your anxiety level.  When I was young, I loved to sleep or loved to lounge in bed in the morning.  Whether it was a dread of waking up to a particular circumstance or dread of a particular deed of a day, I don’t know; but I could easily lounge around in bed – sleeping off and on until I had to get up.  Having kids kind of messed that up but not sure I realized it at the time…you have to do what you have to do. The next big change was shift work…having a job that does not allow you to sleep normal…like everyone else.  I would fall into bed totally exhausted at 0730, sleep my 8 to 10 hours, get up without an alarm  but get up because there were things to do.  I don’t remember that era of sleep being particularly bad.  Then came the getting up with an alarm every morning phase.  With that phase came a guilt about sleeping in even when I didn’t have to work.  All in my mind….and the dreaded anxiety of life which would wake me up in the middle of my night.  I hate the feelings of laying awake at night, knowing you have to get up in so many hours, my mind would race from one projected tragedy to the next until I exhausted myself  into sleep…somehow?  But now…post retirement…especially now on days where there is nothing on the calendar, I love  to quietly wake up in bed, reaching for the IPAD and reading or checking FB  – stretch, feel the nest in the mattress your body made all night – every movement finds a different comfort spot…


I give myself permission to lay there and stretch until I’m ready to get up.  Giving myself permission to relax is a lot more important than thread count!

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “I think the comfort of your bed has less to do with thread count of your sheets…..

  1. Yesterday a beautiful and unusually good night of sleep. Tonight I’ve been up for hours. Finally gave in and took pain medication. Bad for the guts and heart but hopefully enough relief so I can get enough sleep so that I will be functional today.


  2. “…to the ant thou sluggard” So have you estimated the time left??? Life is short. Do you want to spend it sleeping??? The old dirt nap that’s coming is going to last for while.


  3. I got up at 5:55 to be with the men before they left the house. When the last one left at 7:30, I went back to bed and slept until 11ish. It was wonderful especially since it was a cloudy, cold, rainy day.

    Yes, relaxing in bed is such a sweet treat. I am glad that you feel like you can do that now. 🙂


  4. Makes me want to just go curl up in my bed, right now!


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