Just a few thoughts this morning:

Even though I live in Missouri, Dish did not switch me over to Missouri local channels so I still have 5, 8, 13, etc.  I like it because I don’t have to re-learn the channels of my prime time TV.  I’m going to hate it come election time with Iowa’s first in the nation caucus idiot political ads.  I may call and get it switched.  I also don’t mind watching local news and the weather for  Iowa.  It is so awesome not to have to worry about weather now that I’m retired.  Several thunderstorms have moved through down here and I’ve been able to sit back and watch not have to load up and go in to work to help. 

With that being said.  Watched a Branstad commercial a few minutes ago.  He’s doing something right with the totally upbeat music.  I still don’t like him but he has a good publicity team.

Heading out to pickup Jaxon this morning, there was a turtle on his way to work going the other way.  I had an instantaneous thought that I hope he doesn’t get hit.  Don’t know why I thought that because I basically do not like turtles.  Anyone has heard the Nina Sue want a turtle story will understand.  Just as I had thought that…I watched in my rear view mirror as a guy in a mini van pulled over to the side of the road…the next car was a white work van and he didn’t pull over…I assume he straddled and didn’t run over it…that could have just been an emotional ugly scene…thank goodness I rounded the curve and could no longer watch.

I let Jaxon watch some quickie videos Jenny had recorded and put on his Facebook page.  At first, he was looking at me and laughing while he watched one of Justin and him giggling…and one of him walking but as soon as he heard mama’s voice saying Jaxon – he looked around the room and then started giving me that I’m going to cry Grandma because I can’t see my mommy” look.  I just want to get into his little head and know what is going on in there.

Presently we are in the computer room…he’s trying to remove the floor vents for the air conditioner.  I’ll be glad when that phase is over 🙂  I’m going to have a great day!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts this morning:

  1. I was on the way to church last Sunday. I had just left the Caribou drive thru in Pleasant Hill and was headed east on University (163) where traffic generally runs 45 to 50 MPH. In the distance there were two Canada geese with all their 14 goslings crossing the double highway. It’s a good thing it was early and there was not much traffic. Anyway, it was an amazing sight. As they crossed, traffic stopped on both the east and west bound sides. There were stragglers so it took awhile. Had it been a week day, with work traffic, I think there would have been goose feathers and down all over the road.


  2. We use to have a pet turtle. Joe Dumars. We loved JoJo. Best pet ever.


  3. I almost hit a turtle last week. If there hadn’t been a line of traffic behind me, I would have stopped and sent Craig out to move him to the side of the road.

    How nice that you can spend so much time with Jaxon. That is good for everyone in the family.


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