Spandex and Undergarments….

I occasionally wear undergarments with spandex  because I’m an apple and not a pear.  I found that when I try to put them on by myself, they get twisted and/or held up in the back so that I can’t pull them down so I usually just ask him to help me.  He always gets his mouth set in project-mode and comes at me like he is about to lift a refrigerator.  I finally mentioned it this morning…I feel if he would just shake it out through his arms and upper body that he wouldn’t fear it so much!

Speaking of me…I had my first facial yesterday at Justin’s salon – Evolve.  They recently expanded from just hair to all over body including spray tan, massage and facials.  It was amazing.  The treat comes when she lays the warm cloths on your bare feet then massages the feet and ankles while she is waiting for the face to process.  I’m hooked…I had a really hard time relaxing at first but slowly used some meditation and was able to find my happy place.

Working in the shop today.  He is home with Jaxon.  Sky was blue when I left home but the humidity was high so I don’t mind being inside…I can see the sun shining.  By the end of the day, when it is beating in our west glass door and windows I will be leaving so all is well.

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Spandex and Undergarments….

  1. I never did see the point in underwear. They are too restrictive and they don’t do anything. I say go commando. Give things a good airing. Let the equipment hang as God intended.


  2. I would like to have a facial I think. As long as they let me put makeup on before I leave. 🙂 I adore a good foot massage. Lovely.
    I hope you’re enjoying your day!


  3. We both had a good ole belly laugh about it this morning


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