Things heard in a ladies fitting room today…..

I don’t like those freckles..I don’t want those freckles…look at those freckles..g’ma finally got the kid to shut up by telling her “then wear sunscreen…I thought I would try these jeans because you can’t beat $11 jeans..*groan… I can’t get these…I’m not even coming out to show you…OMG it is hideous…I look like a little Greek woman…mom said I had to try it on…

I was reasonably quiet because 1) I was alone; and 2) I was trying on swimsuits.  Wow…it was so much one point the thought occurred to me that the manufacturers were putting tags on suits that were just plain false advertising.  Not one of them made me look immediately thin…or even thinner.  I also had new found respect for workers who stuff pork into the casings at the meat packing plant.  I really must have a suit for vacation and I’ve committed to doing a water aerobics class with a friend several times a week.  I’m seriously hoping the water aerobics class works miracles in the next couple of months so I can get into the suit I wore 3 years ago.

No big purchases at the auction last night.  I did come home with 5 elephant mobiles..ImageImageImage

I have 2 to spare so if anyone wants one…let me know.  They can be in the mail Monday morning.

Rained all day..Sunday is supposed to be sunny and the rest of the week looks good. That makes me very happy!

Until next time….



4 thoughts on “Things heard in a ladies fitting room today…..

  1. Swim suit shoping has to be one of the worst things any of us do. Which is why I’ve been wearing (rarely wearing) the same one for years and years! It’s a 1 piece, but the tip is like a tankini. A few years ago when swim shorts were a thing, I bought a pair of them to go with it. Hopefully it’ll last until I die. 😀 Those mobiles are awesome!!

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  2. Odd that you should get the Republican mobiles. I would think you’d want the ones with the jackasses on them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  3. I hate suit shopping. yuck!

    So how often do you go to the auction?


  4. Uhg, I feel pretty good about myself but I know two minutes in a fitting room with a bathing suit would do me in. I love your mobiles!


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