The left…the right…cleaning house

I like to clean house.  I find it very peaceful…I like clean…and I love to sit down in the evening and relax knowing everything is clean and in its place.  I especially like the days when I'm home alone so I don't have to consider someone else's expectations – I can clean – get side tracked, clean, watch a little tv, clean….clean and think with no distractions.  I just noticed that when I'm thinking about how to spell destractions…I used a long E…but know that it is  distractions with a short I.

My thoughts about a certain family remember who tends to lean to the right politically was a deep focus.  I was thinking about what I know of his lifestyle.  He is not religious so doesn't have those pulls…he is very successful financially…he goes for it and gets it done and I think he is very smart…and I thought…ahhh..he is fiscally conservative…which makes total sense.  I don't know where he stands on any of the platform issues and will have to ask him…like abortion, gun control, gay marriage, etc. 

I was also raised by "republicans".  My father was very, VERY fiscally conservative, he loved guns…was probably one of the first in line to get a carry permit back in the dark ages…I assume he was against abortion – he would have probably been anti-gay mostly because he didn't understand it…he had hard as rock beliefs in what he thought was wrong and right.  He was an agnostic.  My mother grew up in a bible thumper family – very religious.  She and her sister cooked for the ministers after church on Sunday when they were young.  My mother was an anti abortion and anti gay person until I explained to her what that meant if she, me or one of my daughters was going to die because they couldn't get an abortion and or would have to carry a rape baby that they didn't want or if one of the girls decided they wanted a same sex marriage.  If it was her family…then they should be able to do what they wanted to do…but, by golly…she didn't believe everyone else should have that right.  typical….*sticks finger in mouth to throw up.  She was one of those people who put her love of God out there for other people but did  not live it in her own temple, so to speak.

I know longer believe that conservatives are the religious right and us liberals are the devil's hands.  No labels.  What I do believe and what disgusts me the most are the right religious radicals who God has personally delivered a message to who are against human rights.  The ones who live their lives and crank out the religious bull shit about what God wants and doesn't want…yet fight against social assistance to those less fortunate and wouldn't hesitate to throw a gay person under a bus or kill an abortion doctor.  I have no idea how I got here but that's what I"m thinking about today….Oh ya…it started when I was thinking about the nephew.

Until next time…

It’s so hard to be quiet…sometimes.

One of the rules with social media and my job is that there is a fine line between the two.  We use the social media as a tool in the job but the job should never bleed over into social media.  With that being said, It is so hard sometimes…I don't question the rule but so many times I want to share the details…mostly to share a very disturbing fact about society and lack of many learned life skills that many of us take for granted.  I can divide human nature into two distinctive categories.  Those who can handle stress and those who cannot.  I'm still totally overwhelmed with the woman who called an hour ago to report an accident…totally out of her mind…she wasn't involved in the accident nor was anyone she knew…she and her husband saw a car go off of the interstate…while I'm sure the imagery was quite dramatic, this woman was so bat shit crazy that I'm guessing she peed herself because she had no self control at all.  Other than alerting us to something going on, her call was totally worthless…..totally.  I would rather talk to 10 cell phone heros who don't stop at an accident but feel the need to dial 911 to tell us about it than the one person who has stopped at the scene who cannot speak in a complete sentence even if someone's life depends on it.  What is it?

He and I got our Fitbits in the mail yesterday.  We are officially hooked up.  I'm not sure what I expect but I'm hoping this helps to motivate me because the proof of the movement is in the readings.

Toe has a bruise this morning from the fall of the huge steel box I dropped on it night before last.  Seems to have taken awhile for the bruise to show up.  If the bruise is darker in the morning, I think the description of the box will be bigger…depending on the shade of bruise color, the story may take on a whole new life of it's own and the size of the steel box may move more into the bank safe category.

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It’s a smarts test and we fail!

Say what you will about how we are destroying the planet and how we should or we should not be eating animals…sugar….fats but shouldn't we really be avoiding restaurants?

How many disgusting stories do we need to see/hear about/experience before we either start throwing some of our money toward inspectors, sanitarians or stop eating out.

I'll never forget the trip to Florida with the family…we stopped at a Denny's outside of Nashville.(ya…I know…duh).  A few months later while watching one of the network news magazines…this Denny's was featured in a dead rodent story.  I've obviously  heard enough stories about revenge spitting in your food and glanced at enough restaurant kitchens to make me go hmmm.  But, I keep eating out.  What is wrong with me?

….well impulsiveness might be what is wrong with me…and I suspicion some adult ADD.  I don't like my impulsiveness and I work hard to keep some control…but what is really wrong with me are the 1st two toes on my right foot from the 18 x 6 metal box that fell off the bed last night onto my toe…while I was doing that…OMG that hurts so bad, I graduated in my thinking to thank God it was empty and then I realized how little papers weigh and how much this heavy steel box weighs and realized the pain had obviously affected by reasoning too…it hurt so bad that I didn't even think about picking it up and throwing it which would have been my normal impulsive reaction thought…

Until next time….

Who we are….

I was going through Aunt Frances' pictures last night – discarding the scenery pictures taken 1940's and on…also most of the pictures of her dog, Chipper and all of the people that crossed the path of her long life.  I had heard the names of many of them – mostly as a child…I discarded several pictures of the only husband that I think she really loved.  They divorced back int he 60's because he found himself a girlfriend but I believe she mourned the breakup and his death for the rest of her years.  Aunt Frances was a vivacious = totally opposite only sister to my mother…Aunt Frances went to Bible College in Florida in the 30's and held onto the belief in God until the day she died.  She became more God fearing and preachy as she got older…Her younger years were spent irresponsible, care free, enjoying her evenings in the neighborhood bar…I always remember what I perceived as her charmed life with her New Years noisemakers and confetti and paper streamers which would end up in my care on January 2nd.  I did not know this life and I was sure my mother disapproved of fun when I was a child.

Among her pictures were every picture I had sent her of my girls – and many pictures of me – the only child, the only niece.  I spent a lot of time looking at this picture of my mother.  This is the mother that probably should not have raised a child.
This is the mother with all of the problems.  With the somewhat secret life.  This is the woman who formed my impressionable years….It's really strange, I don't look at this picture and feel contempt…I look at this picture and remember this woman as my mother…I guess the contempt came later when I grew up and "realized".

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Doing what you want to do?

I would like a show of hands.  Do you do what you want to do.  I"m not talking about your job or any of the requirements of previous decisions like getting married and having children…I'm just curious how many people just do what they want to do…do you perform, behave and live up to other's expectations?  Or do you have the freedom to do what you want to do.  Do you watch what you want to watch on TV regardless of what someone else wants to watch or do you excuse yourself to another room and watch your own TV?  Do you have planned meals – do you eat when you want to eat;  when you are hungry or when it is appropriate to eat.  If you enjoy a nice long warm shower, do you take a nice long warm shower.  Do your recreational activities involve things you like to do or things that someone(s) else likes to do.  If you want to stay up at night, do you stay up late at night and/or do you have freedom to sleep as late as you would like…(on your days off this doesn't include work days).  Do you sit down and enjoy hobbys or reading even if your chores are not finished….do you make your bed every day?  Do dirty dishes in the sink bother you…if you are married or living with someone, are the duties of housekeeping split up or do chores and duties fall along previously designated gender roles?

Would like to hear your thoughts.

Until next time….

Never wait until afternoon for the first cup of coffee

I have a keurig on my desk at work and usually keep the little keurig cups  close by…I'm apparently out.  He put a new box of dark roast Starbucks beside the Keurig at home this morning..but I remembered putting a couple of K-cups in my purse yesterday.  Unfortunately I didn't remember using the K-cups yesterday…. Never fear, I had instant Folgers coffee just for times like this.  I had a headache of epic proportion…I knew it was a caffeine headache but I just did not want to drink instant Folgers coffee.  I knew I had to do it and I did and it was exactly what I expected…blech.  I'm home now…decided to make myself a good cup, sit down and blog.

4th of July is my second favorite holiday…I'm a patriotic sap.  Flags and bands and soldiers and parades make me very emotional.  I love to feel it…yet sometimes I hate being the only one crying thru the National Anthem.  Next year on the 4th of July, we will probably be living in Missouri…I really wanted to attend the Yankee Doodle Pops Concert at the State Capitol in Des Moines last night with 100,000 of my best friends…but he needed to get some things done around the house and so did I…so I sucked it up and didn't whine.  Went to work at 10:00 this morning so didn't get to attend the Newton 4th of July parade…the location of the Newton fireworks this year has changed to a different park and I heard that there are going to be more ground displays than actual fireworks in the sky…bummer…doubt I want to get mixed up in the chaos of everyone trying to find their way around the new…I'm just going to listen to the Sandy Patty version of the National Anthem and be done with the holiday.  If you haven't heard her arrangement…you are missing something spectacular.  You don't have to love or hate Sande Patty and christian music to enjoy the head to toe shivers when she hits the high notes!

Until next time….

Today’s list of irritants

The general public – this is usually at the very top of every list.  I would like to be able to narrow down this list to just the poor souls who have no common sense, those who were not raised with consequences, those who did not get adequate education (whether the schools fault or their own) and those who have a sense of entitlement because they pay taxes and thus my salary.  To that I say…you do not pay enough taxes if your taxes are paying my salary and I'm paid to deal with you!

Justin Bieber and KIOA oldies 93.3 who decided to have a DO YOU KNOW BIEBER LIKE WE KNOW BIEBER contest on the radio.  I very seriously doubt that there are very many people who listen to oldies 93.3 could pick Bieber out of lineup or could care less what his parent's name is.

Tattle tales….

politicians… today especially Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad (R).  The political menace who along with his lt Gov were traveling at a hard 90 mph on a highway in Iowa…of course being chauffered by the Iowa State Patrol…at any rate…big bunch of BS about it with folks being put on administrative leave, etc but not the state trooper doing the driving of the idiot and his 2nd in command.  This just totally pisses me off. .  Did I mention this totally pisses me off?

Until next time….

Good morning, how are you this morning, think it will rain? have a good day

I woke up this morning thinking about something Corey Murray – Mr said this weekend…it involved hating small talk.  I thought about it at the moment but soon my little mind moved on with the rest of the conversation…only to be revisited at some point overnight in my subconscious.  If you are so inclined, here's the link to wiki's definition  There is something I don't like about small talk too…I think it is small talk among people who really have something to talk about, but don't.  I think small talk has it's place and must be the precursor to a relationship…it's the way to get to know someone else…but once you get to know someone … Hi, how are you, think it will rain? – have a good day…really irritates me.  I think that some things like…Hows your day going and have a great day are just greetings and salutations…I hate it when I say it to someone because if someone says it to me, I just want to scream…crappy…do you really want to hear about it, pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee…better yet…pack a lunch…lets talk about it.  The "public" calling my particular place of business who start out the conversation with are you? makes me just want to reach thru the phone and choke them out….and the condescending males who call me dear just sends me into a rage…there are a few I would like to spar with at the can redemption center so they can see that I"m actually NOT A DEAR!  I mention the can redemption center because I lost my cool with the town moron named Bud who has no filters and I believe no brain who talks to everyone, idiotic ramblings but I think he is mean as a junk yard dog.  Our paths have crossed many times and I've found being polite has never worked…just keeps him talking and saying inane things.  One day at the can redemption center, I told him to leave me alone…he continued to babble and say stupid things and I told him to shut up and he continued his ignorant babbling and I told him to get the F out of here…I wasn't proud but I said it.  He told me he wasn't leaving – Phil said at that moment he was trying to decide if he could get to him before he got to me but realized by the look in my eye that poor mouthy Bud would be on the ground before Phil could take the two steps to me…The moron then turned around and walked out and I haven't had to deal with him since.

Wow…little tangent there.  I'm usually not violent…but it's kinda nice to know that I could be if needed.

Until next time…..

“Xanga friends” doesn’t really explain it

The girls

He and I spent the weekend in Chicago with the "xanga friends".  I met these awesome women when I was introduced to Xanga in 2007… was the person who put us all in contact with each other… and  We decided to finally meet up together in 2009 in Chicago at embee-kay's (MB)'s home.  It was fun and we all liked each other in person with no keyboard in front of us.  Interestingly enough in under the small world theme,  thelpme (Tracy) had business in Newton, Iowa so we got together 2 or 3 times when she was here on business.  Nobrain-noheadache (Erin) is Tracy's sister and I believe my sister from different parents…also known as the outcasts for our love of Y & R, the Housewives and Oprah…anyway…we met in Chicago again in was even more we brought the men this time…while we didn't have as much good girl talk – we had a wonderful time.  Craig and MB are wonderful hosts….they introduced us to the game of Petanque.
Here is our Tracy…representing the women

Chicago 1

Back to the Xanga friends title…while Xanga is the engine that brought us together, it does not explain the bond we have with each other.  As I explained to him on the way to Chicago, the 4 of us have an incredible connection – we know what is going on in each other's lives nearly everyday.  It's hard to believe that people who have only seen each other face to face 3 times in 6 years could be kindred spirits.

Oh…and in Chicago I lost my IKEA virginity…I've now been there and can use my old lady judgmental voice to say….Oh, really, you've never been there hmph…

Oh…and while we were in Chicago, Devil Dog at the basement door…

Until next time….