It’s a smarts test and we fail!

Say what you will about how we are destroying the planet and how we should or we should not be eating animals…sugar….fats but shouldn't we really be avoiding restaurants?

How many disgusting stories do we need to see/hear about/experience before we either start throwing some of our money toward inspectors, sanitarians or stop eating out.

I'll never forget the trip to Florida with the family…we stopped at a Denny's outside of Nashville.(ya…I know…duh).  A few months later while watching one of the network news magazines…this Denny's was featured in a dead rodent story.  I've obviously  heard enough stories about revenge spitting in your food and glanced at enough restaurant kitchens to make me go hmmm.  But, I keep eating out.  What is wrong with me?

….well impulsiveness might be what is wrong with me…and I suspicion some adult ADD.  I don't like my impulsiveness and I work hard to keep some control…but what is really wrong with me are the 1st two toes on my right foot from the 18 x 6 metal box that fell off the bed last night onto my toe…while I was doing that…OMG that hurts so bad, I graduated in my thinking to thank God it was empty and then I realized how little papers weigh and how much this heavy steel box weighs and realized the pain had obviously affected by reasoning too…it hurt so bad that I didn't even think about picking it up and throwing it which would have been my normal impulsive reaction thought…

Until next time….

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