It’s so hard to be quiet…sometimes.

One of the rules with social media and my job is that there is a fine line between the two.  We use the social media as a tool in the job but the job should never bleed over into social media.  With that being said, It is so hard sometimes…I don't question the rule but so many times I want to share the details…mostly to share a very disturbing fact about society and lack of many learned life skills that many of us take for granted.  I can divide human nature into two distinctive categories.  Those who can handle stress and those who cannot.  I'm still totally overwhelmed with the woman who called an hour ago to report an accident…totally out of her mind…she wasn't involved in the accident nor was anyone she knew…she and her husband saw a car go off of the interstate…while I'm sure the imagery was quite dramatic, this woman was so bat shit crazy that I'm guessing she peed herself because she had no self control at all.  Other than alerting us to something going on, her call was totally worthless…..totally.  I would rather talk to 10 cell phone heros who don't stop at an accident but feel the need to dial 911 to tell us about it than the one person who has stopped at the scene who cannot speak in a complete sentence even if someone's life depends on it.  What is it?

He and I got our Fitbits in the mail yesterday.  We are officially hooked up.  I'm not sure what I expect but I'm hoping this helps to motivate me because the proof of the movement is in the readings.

Toe has a bruise this morning from the fall of the huge steel box I dropped on it night before last.  Seems to have taken awhile for the bruise to show up.  If the bruise is darker in the morning, I think the description of the box will be bigger…depending on the shade of bruise color, the story may take on a whole new life of it's own and the size of the steel box may move more into the bank safe category.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “It’s so hard to be quiet…sometimes.

  1. I must admit that I have a hard time remaining cool under extreme circumstances. Once I realized I was so useless under those circumstances, I tried to pull myself together and be a little more helpful.

    So did you get the pocket fitbits or the wrist ones? I have thought about getting one. Just haven’t made the leap yet.

    Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy!!! Poor toes!


  2. *passes you steel toe capped shoes* 🙂


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