Good morning, how are you this morning, think it will rain? have a good day

I woke up this morning thinking about something Corey Murray – Mr said this weekend…it involved hating small talk.  I thought about it at the moment but soon my little mind moved on with the rest of the conversation…only to be revisited at some point overnight in my subconscious.  If you are so inclined, here's the link to wiki's definition  There is something I don't like about small talk too…I think it is small talk among people who really have something to talk about, but don't.  I think small talk has it's place and must be the precursor to a relationship…it's the way to get to know someone else…but once you get to know someone … Hi, how are you, think it will rain? – have a good day…really irritates me.  I think that some things like…Hows your day going and have a great day are just greetings and salutations…I hate it when I say it to someone because if someone says it to me, I just want to scream…crappy…do you really want to hear about it, pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee…better yet…pack a lunch…lets talk about it.  The "public" calling my particular place of business who start out the conversation with are you? makes me just want to reach thru the phone and choke them out….and the condescending males who call me dear just sends me into a rage…there are a few I would like to spar with at the can redemption center so they can see that I"m actually NOT A DEAR!  I mention the can redemption center because I lost my cool with the town moron named Bud who has no filters and I believe no brain who talks to everyone, idiotic ramblings but I think he is mean as a junk yard dog.  Our paths have crossed many times and I've found being polite has never worked…just keeps him talking and saying inane things.  One day at the can redemption center, I told him to leave me alone…he continued to babble and say stupid things and I told him to shut up and he continued his ignorant babbling and I told him to get the F out of here…I wasn't proud but I said it.  He told me he wasn't leaving – Phil said at that moment he was trying to decide if he could get to him before he got to me but realized by the look in my eye that poor mouthy Bud would be on the ground before Phil could take the two steps to me…The moron then turned around and walked out and I haven't had to deal with him since.

Wow…little tangent there.  I'm usually not violent…but it's kinda nice to know that I could be if needed.

Until next time…..

One thought on “Good morning, how are you this morning, think it will rain? have a good day

  1. I can not under any circumstances picture you telling anyone to go away!


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