Doing what you want to do?

I would like a show of hands.  Do you do what you want to do.  I"m not talking about your job or any of the requirements of previous decisions like getting married and having children…I'm just curious how many people just do what they want to do…do you perform, behave and live up to other's expectations?  Or do you have the freedom to do what you want to do.  Do you watch what you want to watch on TV regardless of what someone else wants to watch or do you excuse yourself to another room and watch your own TV?  Do you have planned meals – do you eat when you want to eat;  when you are hungry or when it is appropriate to eat.  If you enjoy a nice long warm shower, do you take a nice long warm shower.  Do your recreational activities involve things you like to do or things that someone(s) else likes to do.  If you want to stay up at night, do you stay up late at night and/or do you have freedom to sleep as late as you would like…(on your days off this doesn't include work days).  Do you sit down and enjoy hobbys or reading even if your chores are not finished….do you make your bed every day?  Do dirty dishes in the sink bother you…if you are married or living with someone, are the duties of housekeeping split up or do chores and duties fall along previously designated gender roles?

Would like to hear your thoughts.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Doing what you want to do?

  1. I feel like my most limiting factor is myself. Although, I guess I would have to admit Craig’s parents have been for both of us. One of the downsides of living next to them, and while I don’t wish them ill, I expect that they will live so long that I may never be free of being overshadowed by their presence and judgment. OMG – did I just say that out loud?


  2. What made you ask this question?

    I think I am fairly close to always doing what I want to do. As different events have happened in my life I’ve added new levels of freedom. When my mother died for some reason it released me from doing a lot of things that I was doing because it was expected. I started caring much less about what the correct things to do according to society and more about the correct things to do according to Tracy. Over the last five years this has grown. Though I try very hard to still do the right thing for other people as well. I don’t want to hurt anyones’ feelings or not be available to people who need me.
    Now, when it comes to home life that’s a little different. I feel that compromise is needed. It’s part of sharing your life with people that you must sometimes find the middle ground on things like TV watching. 🙂


    • Just thoughts on my way to work. Sometimes I feel like I’m behaving in a certain way because it is expected of me….during my thought process on my way to work, I made the decision to start working away from living under everyone elses expectations and think of my best interests….and ref your comment about your mother’s death giving you a release of freedom. I felt that when my mother died too…although I was totally expecting to feel it 😦


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