Uneasy decisions.

I question a lot.  I’ve always questioned a lot.  Sometimes I don’t question the right things…like sometimes I hook my little red wagon to the wrong pole.  I’ve been burned many times – so I”m beginning to second guess myself a lot when I hear disparaging remarks about someone.  I usually hold on and don’t move away quickly but my eyes are open for approaching kicks in the butt.  I”m also painfully impulsive.  I’ve always thought it was just making quick decisions…and figured I had chosen the perfect career as a 911 dispatcher because you don’t have time to weigh all of the facts..you make a decision and you make a decision now.  Maybe the impulsive thread made me a better dispatcher….and maybe dispatching exacerbated my impulsiveness.

Then ….. on the other hand…I question how you know if you are making an impulsive decision…do I need to take a week to agonize over a decision…I have friends who make picking a paint chip an event…I guess it actually matters the most how life changing the decision is….I like my impulsiveness and I don’t like my impulsiveness…sounds like I’m right there in the middle…using Ninasusan logic, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Uneasy decisions.

  1. In many jobs I’ve ended up with promotions because I have an ability to work correctly in a crisis, or under a lot of pressure. My impulses are usually correct in those situations. I am also impulsive and Corey is whatever the exact opposite of impulsive is. It’s a difficult but needed mix!


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