Duck Dynasty, Housewives, Army Wives, Sister Wives……..


Ya…I was thinking the other day about how we are going to make the move to Missouri and keep our Dish TV.  I know the logistics that they will move the service for us…what I'm worried about is that he may go there first (he thinks) while I stay here in the dead of winter (has he met me?) and my biggest concern is my non-network shows.  We took one of the TVs to the Missouri house a couple of weeks ago..that means the Dish Hopper in the guest room/treadmill room is dead..yesterday I was thinking about just calling and getting it disconnected…but then I had a head spasm and realized that we can't get rid of our 3rd DVR line….Between his educational and action shows and my fun and mindless shows, Sunday nights are up for grabs and very stressful here.  Those of you who know him can picture…

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