Duck Dynasty, Housewives, Army Wives, Sister Wives……..

Ya…I was thinking the other day about how we are going to make the move to Missouri and keep our Dish TV.  I know the logistics that they will move the service for us…what I'm worried about is that he may go there first (he thinks) while I stay here in the dead of winter (has he met me?) and my biggest concern is my non-network shows.  We took one of the TVs to the Missouri house a couple of weeks ago..that means the Dish Hopper in the guest room/treadmill room is dead..yesterday I was thinking about just calling and getting it disconnected…but then I had a head spasm and realized that we can't get rid of our 3rd DVR line….Between his educational and action shows and my fun and mindless shows, Sunday nights are up for grabs and very stressful here.  Those of you who know him can picture this weekly occurrence…while he is wanting to watch yet another show on Sunday nights, the alert comes on that there are too many conflicts, he gets up off the couch, shuts off the TV with irritation (you have to picture this action knowing he is irritated because the button is really only off and on) and mutters…family…you know how he mutters…because there are so many shows being recorded.  This in turn irritates me and I think to myself OH FOR GOD"S SAKE GET OVER IT.  Then I retreat to the bedroom to watch something previously recorded and he plays spider  solitaire on the computer until we get over it.

So….to put it out there…he's not moving to Missouri before me…we are not getting rid of the Hopper in the guest room…and nothing has changed other than I feel better to have gotten it off my chest…and this all came to mind because I was thinking about the Duck Dynasty episode I watched last night where they open a Duck Commander section at the Bass Pro Shop…this episode made me laugh and the joy has carried over to today.  What a great mindless show!

and as a side note…my friend, Ed Roach made some comment on Facebook last night about liking Duck Dynasty…his wife followed up with Dumb Ass…don't be telling people we watch that redneck show…ahahahahahahah…that was funny!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty, Housewives, Army Wives, Sister Wives……..

  1. Haha! That wife’s comment was hilarious.


  2. LOL – to the dumbass comment! Perfect.
    I hate those stupid conflicts. We have two DVR’s and I still am always getting them during prime new episode season. Aggravating.


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