Things that make you go HMMMMMM

With the domestic abuse laws in Iowa, law enforcement really has no option other than to arrest if they arrive at a domestic abuse call and someone has marks and bruises…both parties –  even if one is just defending themselfe from the attack – if the  perpetrator has marks and bruises also…this may not be a good thing?  What is taking up so much time are the people who just cannot get along.  One of them calls the police because they are mad or the neighbor calls the police because they can hear them.  Who says a good old screaming match isn't good for the soul…yet…some of these people fight on a daily or weekly business…and the police who were not invited along on the first date or to the wedding are now having to deal with pathetic marital squabbles….also to dumb down what seems to be an ugly thread running thru America…police officers are not invited to give their opinion on whether some folks should procreate but get stuck helping to raise the children….and I'm not kidding.  "I need a cop to come because child will not go to bed".  "I need a cop because child will not get out of bed".  "I need a cop to come because child will not go to school".  I, personally, think one has to do with the other.  Too many single parent families raised by single parent families who one or both of the parents was non-existent or it was just too much trouble to raise kids.  I've always thought it was failure to follow thru so that kids know where they stand.  No means no and yes means yes.

I've already blathered on many times about tattlers.  People who call the police over and over again to tattle on their neighbors, tattle because of road rage or demanding attention for something that is none of their business.

Then there is mental health.  Every person whose life is EMS or law enforcement knows who the people are in the area who just plain have mental issues.  Documented mental issues.  There are the people who are feeling down and need some attention who go the I'm going to kill myself route and call the police.  There are those who want to kill themselves and do it without screaming for help.  Then there are those people out there who are on the cusp of mental illness…they seem to thrive in society but deep down, for whatever reason, they are not all right.  Some turn to alcohol – some turn to drugs – some turn to violence – but they are stewing in their own juices.  If family and friends or those around don't recognize the craziness, these folks may turn into one of the above and officially have a label.

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3 thoughts on “Things that make you go HMMMMMM

  1. it’s very difficult to see the worst side of people year after year. Luckily you get to balance it out by also seeing the best in those who serve those people.


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