Hot air

When I backed out of the driveway this morning, I noticed the neighborhood hot air balloon over in the west…someone must have gotten up early to see the sun rise.  This is not an unusual site in my neck of the woods…I think the local hot air balloon guy gets quite a bit of business.  I never like to say never…so I will say it is highly unlikely that I will EVER float up into the sky in a hot air balloon.  I'm no more likely to stand on the wing of an airplane with  the tank of my gas grill hooked to a cigarette lighter with a chiffon scarf over my head.

I'm drinking my first cup of coffee, I've had my Special K with almond milk and now I'm just patiently waiting for the phone to ring so I can be involved in someone else's ugliness…it's a fact of life – no wonder dispatchers smoke, drink coffee, weigh too much, have low energy, are cynical and have an involuntary dread reflex whenever they hear a phone ring no matter where they are.  The bright spot in my life is I've finally talked to the state public employee retirement folks and I will be free of these chains about 3 months earlier than I had expected.  There is nothing….NOTHING…bad about that.  It looks like I will be working my last day on March 30th of 2014 and will spread my wings and fly!!!!

I now have hope……..

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Hot air

  1. I am excited for you about your retirement. You must be so thrilled.

    We sometimes see a hot air balloon floating around and, of course, Craig was involved in that hot air balloon adventure a number of years back. That balloon is supposedly in the Smithsonian. I can’t see ever wanting to go up in a hot air balloon. Too many of my phobias would come into play.


  2. I would love to

    take a ride in a hot air balloon
    Eat a bowl of special k with almond milk

    Did you know Erin and I both have worked at alarm companies? I use to have a dread of thunder storms because at the last alarm company a storm meant I was going into work and it was going to be truly awful.
    I do not have a hot air balloon, or a plan to retire soon, or special k, but I do have almond milk.


    • Re: I would love to

      An alarm company…ugh…I know how many calls from alarm companies during a storm or power surge…I can’t even imagine that times all of the active alarms out there!!!!!!!!

      Seriously – Florida? ref Corey’s FB post?


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