Interestingly enough….

I think that means the topic is interesting enough to discuss, talk about, bring up in a group or is it just a segue to move the conversation over to a topic I want to talk about…interestingly enough….

When I first heard that Xanga was going away, I came over here to WordPress and claimed my blog space.  I wasn’t thrilled about WordPress because I loved Xanga and it wasn’t the exact same…then I went over to Blogger…*loud annoying beep.  I tried out Live Journal…went to Open Diary..even though I’m pretty sure Open Diary is about ready to bite it too…went back to Live Journal then did both…decided the other day to trot back over to WordPress because I knew that is where a lot of folks made their new home…and somehow it was more welcoming and it seems the most like Xanga.  so…I think I’m here.  I have some really good friends over at Live Journal – I haven’t decided how I”m going to deal with that issue..but I share with my Facebook accounty and they are facebook’ers so it may work out??

I will end with the story of the indignant older woman who called the sheriff today because her apt doesn’t offer satellite TV.  She wasn’t your sweet, little old lady that makes you want to help her or help her understand about life.  She was mad because she should get something for the rent she pays and she thought the sheriff should do something about it.  This even though she admitted that satellite TV was not included in her lease; and got really snippy with me when I tried to explain that the apt complex obviously doesn’t pay for your satellite any more than they furnish your apartment for you for free….How do you explain logic to to these people?  AND…I’m guessing she is telling everyone of her like minded friends how the sheriff’s office wouldn’t help her.  It is what it is.

Until next time……

2 thoughts on “Interestingly enough….

  1. Good Lord that lady needs a bit of tutoring on how life happens.

    I like it here and am staying here. I am happy you are here too.


  2. Well, good luck here!

    She doesn’t sound too bright. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar,


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