The Dreams

I usually don’t have these conversations with a lot of people…mainly because I don’t want people to intake a breath and say whooooeeeee she’s a nut.  About a year ago, I had a recurring dream three  times..the only other times this has happened in my life is when my dad died and I think I was trying to deal with the loss….anyway.  I had this dream that I was  visitng my childhood home because I wanted to see what it looks like now – there was a huge addition added on to the center of the house right off of the kitchen and that is where the major portion of the detail stops…but it was the same all 3 times.  A few months later, I was playing on google earth and decided to  fly to  my childhood neighborhood…and guess what…the house has a huge addition going north from the center of the house.  It litterally took my breath away…..

Every now and then I have those wierd little coincidental things happen like meeting a childhood friend in the very same spot in a certain building at the huge Iowa State Fair two years in a row…that is the only time we see each other – we now live 35 miles apart.

3 or 4 nights ago…my dreams took me back to the neighborhood…I was driving down the street and came to the corner where Theresa Crews lived and there she was – of course, looking the same…sitting in the yard with kids running all over and there were lots of flowers…when I woke up, I thought wow – haven’t thought of her in a long time – maybe I should try to make a connection … I wonder what she looks like.  This morning while reading the Des Moines Register, I was stopped once again breathless.  There was her obituary….noted in the obituary she married her soul mate in 1994 and combined families which gave her 5 kids and she was a master gardener and it mentions their lawn was the envy of the neighbors.  I sat and studied the obit for about an hour…totally overwhelmed…a huge sense of loss even thought the last time I layed eyes on her was probably 1974 when she married the neighbor boy and I was very irritated.

I am very humbled…..

5 thoughts on “The Dreams

  1. Dreams are quite amazing.  I had one recently that “spoke to me” that way.  I hope you will have some good dreams, too.Kathi


  2. I dream like that too. They’re so hard to shake when you have them, and then when it touches your waking life it’s so bizarre!  True – don’t ignore the vivid ones. 


  3. I’m glad her life turned out so well.  I agree with Lady Songbird, don’t ignore the vivid ones.  They may not always be prophetic but frequently they have a meaning or a message that you need to heed.Have a wonderful Mothers day.


  4. Never ignore vivid dreams. I learned that a long time ago.  Very interesting.


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