I filled in at work for a couple of hours this morning – the only good thing about it was getting my lazy butt out of bed early so I didn’t miss this beautiful day…I went to the banks for our deposit and mom’s deposit…went to 3 different stores in town looking for those picture hangers made of heavy wire that you push into the sheetrock and turn,…they are anchored inside the wall and have a hook for the outside.  They only leave a pin size hole in the wall yet can hold lots of weight…no where to be found…they are probably an As Seen ON TV item but Katy bought some for me last year and I’m pretty sure she got them at a big box store???

I dropped by Earl May to pick up a gift certificate for our old Quest repairman who is retiring.  Jim aka Willie Nelson has been a fixture in the radio room for many, many years and always gives us fast service and knows his stuff…we even made up a name plate with his name for an empty computer desk to show our affection.  Jim is retiring so we took up a collection for the gift certificate.  He says he is going to have a big garden and when he is not camping, will be sitting out along the road selling his produce.  While I was at  Earl May, I purchased 8 bags of brown mulch and a few annuals.  Not sure how I feel about the brown mulch – it is pretty dark.  I took these few pics when it was starting to get dark – but you’ll probably get the idea…may snap some more under the sun tomorrow and after I get the back flower pots filled.




Check out Billie in the window above…this is his assigned spot


Some of the trees are still looking a little rough after the 2006 ice storm…they look better this year than last year


I’m becoming terribly frustrated with the presidential race.

I feel so sad for all of the people around the world dealing with natural disasters.

The media, in general, makes me feel like my head is going to blow off…

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “

  1. Oh and Billy looks like Phoenix after she’s eaten a fat squinny


  2. Looks Great! Lots of work I bet!The media depresses me and all the disasters are overwhelming


  3. I love the plants and what beautiful lasndscapeing…I love your yard…mine is not so pretty…. :(Thanks for sharing the pics….Gale


  4. Wowthe yard looks really good. I like all of the green plants.I’ll send you my Dean’s list certificate so you can hang it up with the picture hanging wire : )


  5. Omigosh! I haven’t heard 2nd Chapter of Acts in SO long!  I’m going to pull them up on my Rhapsody right now!  I’m a p.k., and my brother and I used to sing so many of their songs in church.  They were the “it” thing way back then!  Thanks for the memory!   anywho – I too am tiring of the presidential race.  I had to completely take myself out of the game this past week in terms of just not watching or reading the news.  My brain feels too full and I just feel saturated like I’m on overload.  Nice pics! pretty gardesn!  Let me know if you find those hooks, I’ve been looking for some too. Have a good one!


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