Meme your understanding

The good news is I’m starting to understand…understanding my little habits and attachments that eventually cause me pain and negativity and dis-ease. Actually I feel like this is a big step in the big picture of my life in the 6th decade… Just because I learned it as a child…perfected it as an adult and continue just mindlessly riding the wave …. does not mean I cannot change my thinking, my attitude, my habits!

So the Way I see this is it’s all me…it’s all my choices….its all the difference in my thinking…or lack of thinking. I either live life big and in the moment or I continue doing what I have been doing while lamenting the unfairness of life.

and I must say that once again I have been pulled into memes on social media including those that I just liked but did not take the time to check sources….but I decided to use this even though apparently Albert Einstein did not say it….its a mantra I have been rolling with for a couple years now and in my mind, it actually says everything that needs to be said.


2 thoughts on “Meme your understanding

  1. These days I often think if I could just put on a pair of glasses that showed me pics of nature and life affirming quote on the side as I go along in life everyday, it would be a lot easier to keep my state of mind intact. But I guess that would be plugging in to the matrix and the secret is to actually be able to turn that meditation on in a second before getting sucked into this lower vibrational reality being put out there everyday. Maybe this is why hermits become hermits. But the world is a lot better off with ppl like you putting it out there for the universe ( and me ) to remind us. it’s ok, we’re not a lone. Love to you!

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  2. I recognized Ram Dass. Watched him on a show on netflix. He oddly reminded me of my dad. And Yes, to all of this.

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