Fill in the blank and cottage cheese

It hasn’t been that long ago…although definitely pre pandemic time….HE was telling a story about a dinner staple when he was growing up…his mother putting a canned peach slice on a plate topped with cottage cheese. I made the well known gesture of pointing to my throat meaning “gag me” because I was reliving the same memory. My mother often dressed the pineapple or pear slice up with a slice of banana along side the masterpiece with a maraschino cherry on top.

Many decades later, during this pandemic, I found a can of sliced pears in the pantry and just happened to have some AE brand cottage cheese in the fridge. I did it. What I tasted was my past….the comfort of my past…when I took my first spoonful I realized that if my past had a taste…this was it. I have never liked maraschino cherries…in fact, I have never understood why Restaurants find it necessary to top your huge ice cream delight with a little bitty cherry on top WITH A STEM attached.

Just one of those things I was thinking about while eating my bowl of pineapple chunks and cottage cheese on this rainy day…and because we are all sheltering in place and many of us alone today, this would be a good time to comment with what your past would taste like!


6 thoughts on “Fill in the blank and cottage cheese

  1. Fresh eggs from the chickens, biting into a warm tomato from the garden, fresh raspberries and strawberries from the berry patch. Weeding the garden, now that was a different story…….

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  2. Warm cooked pudding. Not the pour in milk and call it done. The kind you have to cook on the stove. I bought some this week. We also had the cottage cheese masterpiece. But it’s not the taste of my past. Yeah, it’s deff the pudding. With home made whipped topping. And homemade cinnamon rolls.

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  3. I use to love cottage cheese with almost anything including pineapple, or fruit cocktail, also, I love maraschino cherries!
    My mother was not a good cook. However she could make an excellent spaghetti sauce, chili and fried chicken.
    It’s funny because I just an hour or so ago commented on my cousins photo of his Easter dinner which included cucumber salad. Cucumber salad was present at every holiday and a couple of bonus meals throughout the year. My sister makes it occasionally now and it brings back that family vibe for me.

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