Morning pages

I finished my first journal of morning pages 4 months and 4 days after I started it in February. My last line was “I’ve worked through a lot of shit”!

While eating lunch today, feeling a blog coming on….what I really mean is…eating an exquisitely prepared bacon and tomato sandwich and feeling the “need” to write something, I had a revelation!

During my “sharing” at my very first Word Shine meeting, my share included the fact that I had been writing a blog nearly daily for 12 years….I described it as a very unpolished blog that I had seemed compelled to write. In retrospect, I realize that my blogs were a cathartic, hang-on-to-that-last-knot, morning pages. They were an attempt at the time to get this shit out of my head and attempt to think straight through the very heavy baggage I was carrying! My way was to instinctively sort through things first thing in the morning through writing long before I realized it was helping me sort!

The huge payout for me, other than the obvious healing, was the number of people who commented either publicly or privately….friends, acquaintances and strangers who followed my blogs. I knew that in some way I was putting things out there that a lot of people were also struggling to figure out. Comments helped me figure out if I was on the right track or if I needed to go back and take the different direction at the intersection.

In case you haven’t heard about Morning Pages…here’s the book that has guided me the last 4 months.

6 thoughts on “Morning pages

  1. Yes! I love how I can wake up in a foul mood and not really know why but after 30 minutes if writing (usually around 23 minutes) I’ll have that “aha!” moment. So worth it!

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  2. My old boss was devoted to Morning Pages:). Good for you!

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  3. Cameron is such a good writer. I like catharsis, but I also feel like connecting the dots online might help someone else. If I can help one other person to feel better than I do, it is worth it.

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  4. That is wonderful Nina, it’s so cathartic to start typing/writing and thoughts start magically appearing. Sometimes when I start writing I go such a completely different direction than I intended and I feel so much better.

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