I’m not a bird “person”…

Because it would actually not be consistent with being a cat person. I’ve actually only been attracted to birds since I’ve had cats realizing the hours of pure enjoyment for the cats staring out the window perfecting their bird click. That weird little noise they make indicating they are exercising their chops.

I grew up with a dad who loved the purple Martin. He erected Martin houses everywhere we lived and also at his mothers house. In 84, when he moved to the country, he added blue bird houses along the fence row and I can still see my daughters walking the perimeter with him while he cleaned them out.

But I’ve never appreciated birds….could it be the movie, The Birds, that scared the crap out of me…especially when I saw it in 3D at Disney World.

But then I noticed….ahem….how could you not hear… the house wren visiting the deck,, so I decided to hang the little birdhouse just to see if he/she would make it a home.

Sure enough.

So as my friend, Wilma, suggested I also put out some dryer lint. This little wren detoured to the dryer lint and left his little stick.

What is happening to me.

Just a little glimpse into my life.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “I’m not a bird “person”…

  1. It’s happened to me too. I understand the cat thing lol When I had Jeter, I couldn’t do anything to invite birds into my yard, or I would be an accessory to murder.
    I have that same bird house and also couldn’t believe it when a bird moved right in as soon as I hung it up.
    This year and my robins…whole new experience, I feel like I’ve partly raised them. When all I really did is probably annoy them taking pics all the time.

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  2. I really enjoy the birds. I especially love the little wrens. They sing during the day. I’ve heard people put lint, string, yarn and even hair from their brushes in clean suet containers and that the birds will use that for their nests.

    The little house is very cute.

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