The Dining Room

It’s done! I made a lot of changes and I didn’t take before pictures. But I significantly lightened up the green….it was very dark. He took up the not-well-preserved hardwoods and extended the kitchen flooring. I had a very large white china cabinet which I sold and replaced with a cabinet I had in my kitchen. And I switched out the heavy dark valance for a lighter sheer with hangy-down things. All in all with these changes, it seems we doubled the size of the dining room.

I also rehung these

They hung on the living room wall when I was a child, then they hung on the living room wall in my parents newer house and they have had a spot on my dining room wall since we moved into this house. I don’t love them for their asthetic value but they remind me of my history.

…..and then this lamp. It’s old. My grandma Green always had it sitting in the large window in her “front room”. It was on an old library table surrounded or I should say crowded with her many, many violets. It’s one of my most precious pieces.

Written by me and for me but visitors….thank you for sharing a little glimpse into my life.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “The Dining Room

  1. It is beautiful, Nina. I love the flooring. I think that is what is in our new RV.

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  2. I’ve always thought you have such an amazing eye. Things just work so well when you put them together

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