The silverware of our lives

As an only child and only niece … actually the only child born to two sisters from the teens of the 1900s…. I inherited everything. Almost 9 years since my mother and aunt passed, I’m still sorting and sorting, storing and donating and then doing it all again the next time I start feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have. Today, I went through silverware…some of it I grew up with either at home or my aunts….and I’m sure most of it was handed down from their childhood….and I have a set of silverware from his mother….and I have silverware that I actually purchased for us that my kids grew up with. That paragraph does not EVEN include the good silverware that I keep in velvet lined boxes and bring out for large family meals. Ya. I still do that. Setting a beautiful table is part of my DNA.

Going through all of the silverware today….hahaha….pictures to follow. I remembered this pattern and that pattern used during my life. My heart felt especially warm when I found the old ice tea spoons that we used for years before we got the new ice tea spoons. The new ones are at least 40 years old.

Here we go:

Just the serving spoons I continue to keep

The daily silverware that goes back in the silverware drawer…

The collection still laying on the bedroom floor

And the forks I bought at Goodwill one year….there used to be 4. These are mine…everyone knows it.

And for some reason that spoon is my favorite. No idea where it came from. Kind of the bastard spoon. It’s always the one I use if it isn’t dirty.

Just a glimpse into who I am.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “The silverware of our lives

  1. Love the quirky, eclectic collection.


  2. I love weird posts like this. I also love “your” silverware. Isn’t it odd how we have our favorites. I will dig down the pile of spoons in the drawer to get the one I like. Which is a different one from the one I like for yogurt, or another one I like for cereal with fruit on it. I own a spoon exactly like the ones in the next to last pic. I have no idea where it came from. I don’t like it. lol My main silverware is a set (maybe a double set) that my grandmother bought me before I got married. So like 38-39 years ago. It’s good stuff. Still just like new. Onieda I think. Used to be made in Syracuse. About 50 miles from me. It’s very cool that you still do the formal silverware. You must polish it too. I don’t know anyone who does that anymore, but I remember helping my mom polish silver when I was a kid.

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    • I have a couple of old sets…prob 50s but doesn’t need to be polished but it has curly Qs 😁. Get up right now and put that spoon in your hand like you are eating ice cream. Just feel it in your hand. NO? Okay get up again and get some ice cream 🍨

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