A mile past irritation…

Full disclosure. I’m a co owner in a brick and mortar Vape Shop. Our managing partner re evaluates business, prices and sales every day. She actively re-invents the shop to make it successful. I also agree that Walmart, et al, have the advantage over the mom and pop stores because of buying in bulk and various other advantages while running the smaller establishments out of town. I get all of that.

The news is full of stories of how big names stores now are filing for bankruptcy blaming the on line/internet sales. I still don’t know how I feel about this Conundrum. I really question management and prices and overall corporate mentality when I hear these businesses are going down.

Until this week when he and I went to Lowe’s to look for LED lights for our kitchen. We found flush mount Lights that we decided would be perfect but there was just one display light, nothing on the shelves and after checking stock, the employee told us there were none in stock in any of the Kansas City stores. I questioned if I could just order them ON LINE and pick them up at the store….yes….sure.

So I went to Lowe’s website and it is not possible to order these on line. They are listed under LED flush mount lights but you can’t buy them. WTH

So I did what my gut told me to do in the first place and ordered them from Amazon. The exact same light. They will be delivered on Sunday.

I call BS! And as a little caveat….Lowe’s needs to step up their customer service in all areas. Home Depot is leaps and bounds ahead of them. You heard it from me first.

Until next time…..

7 thoughts on “A mile past irritation…

  1. And now I hear Lowe’s will be closing stores.


  2. Customer service is everything and some stores just don’t get it.

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  3. I won’t even shop at Lowe’s. Here they are always more expensive.

    Sometimes I want to shop at brick and mortars so I can see and touch it before I buy but so many times, things are not in stock. B&Ms are going out of business because they just haven’t put in the work to keep up.

    Craig was very happy with home depot the other day. We needed a new string trimmer. He checked the reviews at HD and they had it and told him how many they had in stock. One of the stores even tells the store location online.

    If stores cannot change with the times they will be left behind.

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  4. Your timing, as always, is impeccable. Last weekend we went shopping for a lounge chair for the deck. I was amazed by how few options each store carried! Did what I didn’t want to do and ordered online. Should be arriving today, 45% less than the same chair on sale at Lowe’s and in a nice brown instead of neon blue which is the only color they carried

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    • Yep! It wouldn’t have been a big deal for me to order off amazon to begin with but them advertising, not having any and neither did anyone in the KC area and I couldn’t buy it from Lowe’s on line totally pissed me off….and I don’t forget!

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