I made a Facebook connection awhile back with a classmate of mine…if memory serves, we actually were classmates from kindergarten through graduation. I call him a classmate because we weren’t really friends….we knew each other and existed in the same world. We didn’t socialize or even, for the most part, share friends. So…I’m not really sure how we connected on Facebook…and the true bonus here is I also connected with his wife…a Facebook friendship I cherish but don’t understand.

The middle paragraph and middle part of this story is really a question: is there really some universe thing that connects peoples souls? some intuitive connection that brings together virtual strangers? The feeling that you have really known them all of your life….well, with Chuck, I guess I have known him for 56 years. This little mystery of human connection …. deeper human connection that just Hi, how is your day? “Have a good day” relationship. Are we brought together for a reason? It’s all such a mystery….

Bottom line…these connections, our lingering friendships and trusting others with the deepest parts of ourselves, inviting others to take a seat in our life….this the whipped cream on our pumpkin pie!

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “Connection

  1. I like to think there is some kind of energy we share with certain others that connects us. We can “connect” with a lot of ppl, but I don’t think we necessarily share “energy”. When we do find someone who it feels like that, it’s pretty special. I’m also a cynical optimist…I don’t always trust what I call “energy” sometimes it can take me awhile.I have a big realist side that makes me question everything. But once in awhile, when it’s an undeniable instantaneous thing…well it’s kind of amazing, so ya just have to go with it because it is so rare.(for me anyway) So yeah it’s a mystery I believe in.

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  2. It is so strange how it works out isn’t? Since I do not believe there is any kind of guiding force I cannot believe that we are purposefully drawn together but I do occasionally have to wonder how some things work out the way they do.

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