Not my first but probably my last…

My blog…my story….my opinions.

I had my fill of dominant, aggressive, insecure men today……and the soft spoken preacher-like man who invaded my space to point to my heart and asked me if I could feel my heart beating…that was God speaking directly to me that he is connected on and on and on.  

The over bloated bully who showed up with his side kick (who only grunted because he was devouring a mcdonalds breakfast sandwich)….informed me that I didn’t have enough stuff to sell to call it a garage sale…bad mouthed an old croquet set I had from Menards and passed over 3 boxes of ceramic tile spouting, “I suppose these are Menards too”.  After looking at our reccumbent bikes with a Sneer,  he asked me how much for them…I said 250 apiece…he said do you have change for a 10.  I’m very upset with myself as I write this that I let it go on and on and didn’t order him off of MY F’ING PROPERTY.

The soft spoken preacher leach.  Why did I let him go on and on and on.  He wasn’t buying…he was spouting his religion to a sucker that didn’t tell him I wasn’t interested in hearing his BS!

My heart went out to the old man that said he was going to garage sales because his wife is a computer game addict…playing Words with Friends….he had to be home by 10 because he was afraid she would lose track of time and miss her doctors appointment again?!

I totally enjoyed the women…the groups of women….the elderly sisters who watched out for each other and told each other they didn’t need it.  The elderly woman that weighed no more than 100 pounds with a pale complection that was so grateful when I helped her carrying things to her car.

….and my favorite….the second generation Mexican woman in America…we started out talking about Chiefs football and ended up talking about immigration….illegals …. and her family who came to America for a better life…worked for their citizenship…and became successful Mexican Americans….she had no affection or sympathy for illegals who sneak in to America and have to hide because they will not participate in the process of becoming legal.  She had some valid points.

Garage sale Day 2 tomorrow….

Until next time,,,,

8 thoughts on “Not my first but probably my last…

  1. Bullies mystify me. Why critique your stuff? He doesn’t have to buy. He can just sneer and leave quietly. He expended a lot of energy just to be obnoxious. I don’t understand why that would be worth his time. And yet people do this all the time. I don’t get it.

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  2. Garage sales. If you sell too cheap ppl assume it’s crap and don’t buy. If you sell too much ppl think, this is a garage sale not a 30% off store sale. And they are a LOT of work! I used to do them with my sisters. It’s really kind of a pita. And I never made money. We’d order lunch and that would eat up my tiny profit. lol Now I either donate or sell things on the fb garage sale pages if it’s worth money and I think someone out there might buy it and I can set up a meet rather than have someone come to my house.
    There are all kinds out there. Some ppl you want to double the price. Others, you wanna just pack up boxes and send it all home with them.

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  3. I’m glad you had some positive to counteract the negative! You’re braver than I am. I just donate everything I don’t want. I love the karma of it–and if I’m honest, I can’t stand giving perfect strangers a reason to be on my property. I’ve met too many of your McDonald’s man. Ugh.

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  4. Wow! Quite a day! I hate when do that bullying. We are socialized not to fight back but if we don’t they will just keep stomping on us.

    Isn’t amazing how much people will tell strangers? Always shocks me.

    I don’t know a lot of about immigration but I will tell you that the process to become a citizen is difficult and much more than it should be. My niece’s husband was not an illegal alien but someone who was here with the right kind of papers. I remember when he became a citizen. It was an incredibly cumbersome and expensive process and he was an educated person with money.

    Well, I wonder what kind of people will show up tomorrow. Good luck!

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    • Oh. I totally get it ref the process. The very long process. It shouldn’t be that way…I remember stories from my x sister in law …. came here from Italy and went through the process.
      Yes. You are right. Why do we not defend ourselves and stand up for ourselves….it’s the way we have been taught. I’m pretty much over came the whole victim mentality with my job and working predominantly with men. But I guess I’m a kinder, gentler, peaceful soul now but I should have recognized bullying.
      I’m ready for day 2.

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    • My comment ref my Mexican American lady…I thought she had some valid points from her perspective. It was insightful …. that’s the best word I can come up with. I didn’t disagree with a lot she was saying from her perspective but I also realize the big picture is more complicated …. or not one answer to the whole problem.

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