If it talks and sounds like a duck…..

My daughter told me straight out the other night that we are going to have a talk about my inability to recognize people who are wearing signs that say toxic!  Over the years, I’ve given a lot of people the benefit of the doubt and been bitten!  I’ve tried to figure out what causes me to be trust who they say they are and actually enable the behavior with my friendship….because I make excuses for them in my mind.  I’m becoming more aware or maybe I have a different guard up because I don’t socialize much.  At any rate….for me….the best way to keep myself safe is to completely remove them from my life..  Or maybe I’m just starting to feel it…I’m more aware of how I feel when I’m around them and if I feel I need to make excuses for them …. I recognize the behaviors.  No doubt I have had a lot of trial and errors!

My mother told me a long time ago that if someone is talking about others behind their back then you can bet they are talking about you behind your back.  She also told me that women’s restrooms were dirtier then men’s restrooms and that woman bosses were petty and jealous and that it was much better to work for men.  Sometimes it takes awhile…even years…..to figure things out for ourselves….politics, religion and relationships to name a few more.

I’ve been in a men’s restroom a couple of times….at concerts….I do have a rebel streak.  I cannot verify the dirty restroom fact.

Until next time……

3 thoughts on “If it talks and sounds like a duck…..

  1. I think men are definitely dirtier on average than women, but there is a lot of truth to the idea that if they will talk to you about someone else,they will talk to the someone else about you. Isn’t almost everything trial and error?

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  2. It is nice that our children turned out so wise, I wonder how that happened?

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