Outside therapy

I worked on the deck all afternoon…repotting some indoor plants….moving some of the big ones outside…organizing and cleaning.  Doing things I can control to occupy my mind and keep me from thinking about things I cannot control.  I sat in the sun and read but as soon as I was distracted with thoughts, I would get up and be productive.  The one thought that continued to surface was:  my life is full of strong women!

I speak for myself but I think others can relate.  It’s the hardships and the negative (whether it is our health or circumstances) that enable us to overcome…every time we succeed in overcoming life’s obstacles we get a little stronger here and a little stronger there.  I think, for that reason, I will say it comes with age.  When raising my girls, I hurt like hell when one of them was troubled but I also realized that you cannot grow into a healthy person without these little obstacles as a child because when life happens….it happens…and they must be able to deal with the juvenile problems in order to be able to deal with the grown up problems.

I watch my friends.  I learn from my girlfriends.  I don’t know if some of them know how really strong they are…but I notice.  I used to let the negativity of my past weigh down on me and thought….why did this happen to me…it’s not fair.  But I’m very confident that I would not be where I am right now in my life if I hadn’t  had to deal with the negative crap.  Shouldn’t all of this shit be over now, haven’t I “grown” enough.  Nope, doubt it.  but, what I have is now and I’m going to work hard not to waste it.

That’s it, Dear Diary.  Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Outside therapy

  1. Did you ever watch the movie Steel Magnolias? Sally Field has a beautiful rant at the end about how women are actually the strong ones . . . worth a watch, if you haven’t seen it!


  2. We have never grown “enough.”What would that even look like? I’m trying to imagine it.


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