We sent Saint Dana on today….

It’s been a very trying week.  Baxter has been sick and at the vet all week.  We think he is going to pull through from whatever ails him…..either a virus or bacterial infection or both.

My son in law’s grandmother died and was buried on Thursday.  While it was very sad, there was also peace knowing that she was ready to go to be with her beloved.

It has taken me all week to find my words.

And then there is Saint Dana.  She adopted the name from our family because of her never tiring commitment to taking care of my very difficult mother and very difficult aunt in the last years of their lives.  Dana was an elderly-caregiver  and loved the old people under her care.  She was the 37 year old daughter of my BFF and sister-in-law, Gena.  We actually lost Dana a couple of years ago after a stroke robbed her of everything except the parts that kept her heart beating,  This time has been emotionally devastating for her mother and 3 children.  She passed from this life this week the way she lived her life….her own way in her own time.

On the way back to Kansas City tonight, I reflected on the words spoken about her at the memorial service…live, love and laugh….dance in the car to your music,  do what you love to do and live your life right now.

I marveled at the beautiful sunset when we were at the Bethany exit and my heart opened up and felt happy and full when we rounded the curve outside of Liberty….the lights…all of the lights.

As we live our lives from day to day, often we fail to appreciate what is going to have an impact on our soul years down the road!

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “We sent Saint Dana on today….

  1. Not everyone is made for care-giving. I don’t claim it. God bless those who are.


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