I had an awesome birthday

The first is a picture of a lap quilt my youngest daughter is making for me.  She has no idea what this means to me.  The second picture is a Happy Birthday card made by Jaxon which I will always cherish!  Also the Happy Birthday greetings on Facebook…I felt the love!!

I spent a few hours this afternoon at the salon.  I’ve decided it is time to let nature take control and let my color grow out to my natural color…which at this point is white.  I’m to the point that there is so much white that after 4 weeks, I look like a skunk.  Nikki, the color goddess is up for anything and I’m sure once all of the color is gone, she will come up with some awesome unnatural color highlights.  

I’m pretty blond now which you can’t really tell in this picture

Jax spent the night.  Jax and he and I tried an Italian restaurant tonight for birthday dinner and then we all climbed into bed for book time and talk time,

I am blessed!

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “I had an awesome birthday

  1. happy birthday ninasusan; may you have many great, happy, healthy (and less people pleasing) years! and that hair looks awesome – enjoy 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous blanket. Enjoy every minute with Jaxon. Nothing matters more.

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