The next part of the journey…

My only concern for getting off the meds revolved around the withdrawal and whether 15 years of doctors and the pharmaceutical propaganda that I could have a serotonin problem and would have to figure out how to force myself to find other means of coping with the “disease” while laying on the floor in a heap of used tissues.  That was it!  What if I’m really depressed and fail!!

What I didn’t prepare for was ….as my daughter put it last night….welcome to the world of normal emotions.

Thankfully, the bedrock emotion for me is love and thankfulness!  But this weekend, I have been all over the place.  From incredible love and thankfulness and vulnerability with my sister-in-law, friend, rock, Gena to hot, Annie-get-your-gun rage when my IPAD started acting up, to being totally contented watching a 54 minute video on YouTube of a stylist precision cutting a woman’s hair into a Claire from House Of Cards style.

I graduated with honors from the university of People Pleasing.  I know how to act and what I need to do or say to be liked or even loved…but what no one knew except me was that I was NUMB.  My happy/sad meter didn’t move very much in my head.

NOW is now.  I need to learn how to accept criticism and learn from it, how to channel real joy, sadness and anger.  SItting  on the couch 14 hours a day finding things to focus on to occupy me is not the way to live a full life.  I’m now going to focus on learning to channel my emotions, gett off my ass and live.

A friend of mine was relating this morning her journey in detoxing from a mind numbing Med.  I told her this journey has shown me that I am, indeed, a strong woman.  I survived one of the hardest things I have ever attempted.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “The next part of the journey…

  1. Reclaiming your life is not a pretty project. When we take back our lives, others will not always approve. It takes strength to deal with your real feelings. Be gentle with yourself in the process.

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  2. Kudos to you! I had this exact – feel your emotions – discussion with someone yesterday. This is life. Feel the feels.

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  3. You are so strong and amazing Nina, I look forward to hearing all of your new thoughts. 🙂


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